From the Pastor

On This Mountain

10-15-2017Fr. Scott Holmer

In the first reading today, Isaiah tells us: "On this mountain, he [God] will destroy the veil that veils all peoples, the web that is woven over all nations; he will destroy death forever." Oftentimes, we hear in our culture that death is a natural part of life. However, if we reflect more deeply, we see that death is actually the opposite of life - not a part of it. If death were natural, it would not cause us to weep or cry. We have hunger because we have a natural desire for food. We have thirst because we have a natural desire for water. And we grieve when someone close to us dies because we have a natural desire to never be separated from those that we love. However, something unnatural happened in our history that caused us to be separated from God and from those we love - original sin. We were created in such a way that we would never die if we remained in communion with God and followed his will. But once we separated ourselves from God, death entered our reality.



R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

Adults seeking information regarding joining the Catholic Church and Catholics seeking to learn more about their faith are invited to attend R.C.I.A. classes which will begin in the fall.If interested, please call Fr. Holmer at 301-249-9199.

Donut Day Needs Volunteers!

We are in need of volunteers to help with refreshing the donuts, coffee, juice, etc., for 9:30am mass and set up and clean up for 11:30am mass. If you are able to help, please contact Kelly Foster at or 240-765-9085.

Help Wanted: RE Kindergarten Teacher

A kindergarten teacher is needed on Tuesday afternoons at 4:15pm. Please contact Maureen Curtis at 301-249-9599 or if you are able to volunteer.

Religious Education Registration

Religious Education has begun. If you have a school ages child who does not attend Catholic School, they should be coming to parish classes.