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May 26 E-Notes

05-26-2017Fr. John Barry
  • Feast of the Ascension is this weekend.
  • Stay tuned for the June clergy schedule
  • Sat, Jun 17 will be the memoriam Mass for Fr. Tom Kehoe
  • ...and much more

Latest Pastor Message

Happy 29th Anniversary!

05-21-2017Fr. John Barry

It is my 29th anniversary today for Holy Orders in the Priesthood. Thank you, Lord, for the grace supplied. It has been a calling of service to many.

When people ask how I figured the “calling,” I occasionally answer that it was born out of the knowing and living out my lay vocation as a baptized Catholic. I was active in service up from my teens up to the age (as) I went off to the seminary. What kind of service? In a lay response to the Lord and His Church, the list that follows is what I had served: lector, sacristan, cantor-musician at Mass, soup kitchen volunteer, catechist, co-founder of a young adult ministry, Bible study leader, Christian media worker, and as a city council member for a year (elected teen position at 18 – which I saw as a social justice effort. I also went to various daily Masses as at prayer adoration ministry to God. This active lay participation with the Church led me to consider priesthood at age 24. It was my acceptance of the service as an active layman first that helped me to open up to further service of finally becoming a priest.