June 16 E-Notes

06-16-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

This is to remind everyone about tomorrow’s events:

  • Holy Hour for Vocations at 4:00-5:00pm
  • Memorial Mass for Fr. Thomas Kehoe at 5:30pm
  • Happy Father’s Day everyone!!!

May 31 E-Notes

05-31-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

Happy upcoming Pentecost Sunday, Flock of Christ! Happy Feast of Mary's Visitation today. Happy Graduation for SPX students.

More news for the last day of May.


May 26 E-Notes

05-26-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry
  • Feast of the Ascension is this weekend.
  • Stay tuned for the June clergy schedule
  • Sat, Jun 17 will be the memoriam Mass for Fr. Tom Kehoe
  • ...and much more

May 11 E-Notes

05-11-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

Funeral Saturday, May 13. For Nestor Monte, father of Bel Cervantes. 11:00am wake, 1:00pm Mass.

Mother’s Day Weekend. Sunday K of C breakfast at Boswell Hall. 9:00-11:00am. *Mom’s eat free, of course.

2018 Confirmation interviews are in classroom 6 on weekend and weeknights. CWA prayer meeting is Sunday, May 14 from 1:00-3:30pm in the Hall area.

Filipino Monthly (extra) Mass is Sunday, May 14 at 4:30pm. Preceded by rosary and May procession.

Rel. Ed. classes have finished (regular Tues/Wed.).


May 1 E-Notes

05-01-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry
  • Confirmation and First Communion Mass Dates
  • Memorial Mass for Fr. Kehoe
  • May Clergy Schedule
  • and more!

April 18 E-Notes

04-18-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

A reminder about our parish social. It is coming up this Saturday evening at 6:30pm over at the K of C Boswell Hall on Rt. 3 north, 1 mile north of Rt. 50. We need all guests to RSVP, as we have to order the food. It is $5 for those over 12 years old, and $20 max for a family. It is simply a time out for a little socializing between member of the parish and friends. At this Easter Monday count, the number was a bit low, as our promo of the event in the past two weeks had to give way to the big Palm Sunday and Holy Week and Easter Sunday celebrations. Yet we have told about this event from months ago, even giving out a magnet reminder, as we’d like to have the social be a success.

If you wanted to go, then give the office a call at 301-249-9199.

April 6 E-Notes

04-06-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry
  • Palm Sunday Weekend Procession
  • Information for Fr. Kehoe's Funeral

March 29 E-Notes

03-29-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry
  • New videos on the website
  • Way of the Cross
  • Holy Hour/Confessions
  • and much more...

March 13 E-Notes

03-13-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

With the impending snow storm, please be advised that the Communion Services scheduled for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning may have to be canceled, depending on road conditions. Also, remember the Religious Education classes follow the PG County School snow policy.

March 3 E-Notes

03-03-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

1st weekend of Lent
Parish Mission