Fr. John Barry's Farewell Homily

07-01-2017NewsFr. John Barry

I take this homily time to give you thanks for a great decade in this parish with you.   It is a tenth year anniversary for me, and we got some tents for the tenth and some small refreshments outside after Mass today, for me to shake hands or exchange hugs with you, just to gather in my own thanksgiving for you.

I read two of these readings today which mention how the prophet and shepherd men of God are to be supported by the people.   In the Old Testament opening, Elisha had much help from a wealthy woman and her backing and hospitality.   In the Gospel Jesus instructed his apostles and disciple ministers to receive help from the people they served, and that even a gift of a cup of cold water given to a working apostle (like them) would be noticed from Heaven.  

Well, in your case, you have tithed monies and time and talent to St. Edward and to my own ministry here of priestly and pastoral service.  Thank you for that.   In that first reading, Elisha got to be used back by God to the woman in a miracle for her, and, well, there have been some miracles seen and unseen here, if not for various God-moments and God-incidences of blessings.   I hope that God has used me in your life in some way.  Yet, like Elisha knew, I have been blessed by you.


Going into Summer 2017

06-28-2017NewsFr. John Barry

HAPPY SUMMER! I will enjoy this celebratory Tenth Anniversary as your pastor on July 1st. It will be a simple gathering outside after each weekend Mass on July 1 and 2. Yes-- I came here on July 1st, 2007. If a 25th anniversary is something Silver, and a 50th is Gold, then a Tenth, I suppose, is a Tent! So it's a tent gathering with some refreshments awaiting you. I mark this occasion to offer you thanksgiving and gladness for the good decade I have had among you; I want to appreciate this present moment and to honor you, the parish. You'll note how the 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time Liturgy of the Word highlights the theme of generous care for God's workers, as well as the special gratefulness of the one being supported. That fits in to my homily for that day. It will be posted here on this banner.

Staff Changes Coming.While I start our new fiscal year (July 1-June 30) with you, we do have two staff members who are changing. Bill Yates and Jackie Macri are finishing on June 30.