May 31 E-Notes

05-31-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

Happy upcoming Pentecost Sunday, Flock of Christ! Happy Feast of Mary's Visitation today. Happy Graduation for SPX students.

More news for the last day of May.


Reflection on the Feast of the Ascension


"And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age." What consoling words Jesus had for His disciples, even as He was about to bring an end to His earthly minis-try. He had spent some time with them after His resurrection, but now His mission was complete and He was about to return to be with his Father in heaven. Undoubtedly this must have been a difficult moment for the disciples. But as if to reassure them, Jesus gives this remarkable promise: that He will ALWAYS be with them, even when He is no longer physically present. We know, of course, that the presence He is referring to come through the gift of the Holy Spirit. And what is most wonderful about this promise is that it also applies to us!

Jesus is with US always. His presence dwells in our hearts through the sacrament of baptism in which we receive the real, indwelling gift of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We are not alone! The sometimes difficult journey of Christian life is not one we need to navigate solo. Christ himself ascended into heaven so that He could make Himself present in a more universal and timeless way through His Spirit to all people who call upon Him. Thus we rejoice on this feast of the Ascension. It's not so much about Jesus leaving. Rather, it's about Him continuing His mission in a new way, a way that includes us very directly.

We Remember

05-28-2017Pastor's MessageFr. John Barry

On this weekend, we continue Easter time into its Seventh Week; but the Church moves the Ascension Feast to today, so it will be our theme.

Pentecost is next Sunday, June 4th (and vigil). Next Saturday (June 3) is our Live Christ, Share Christ day—with five seminars in the church—and the further promo of it is found later in this bulletin (and it is on the website).


May 26 E-Notes

05-26-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry
  • Feast of the Ascension is this weekend.
  • Stay tuned for the June clergy schedule
  • Sat, Jun 17 will be the memoriam Mass for Fr. Tom Kehoe
  • ...and much more

Happy 29th Anniversary!

05-21-2017Pastor's MessageFr. John Barry

It is my 29th anniversary today for Holy Orders in the Priesthood. Thank you, Lord, for the grace supplied. It has been a calling of service to many.

When people ask how I figured the “calling,” I occasionally answer that it was born out of the knowing and living out my lay vocation as a baptized Catholic. I was active in service up from my teens up to the age (as) I went off to the seminary. What kind of service? In a lay response to the Lord and His Church, the list that follows is what I had served: lector, sacristan, cantor-musician at Mass, soup kitchen volunteer, catechist, co-founder of a young adult ministry, Bible study leader, Christian media worker, and as a city council member for a year (elected teen position at 18 – which I saw as a social justice effort. I also went to various daily Masses as at prayer adoration ministry to God. This active lay participation with the Church led me to consider priesthood at age 24. It was my acceptance of the service as an active layman first that helped me to open up to further service of finally becoming a priest.


Reflection on the Sixth Sunday of Easter


"If you love Me you will keep My commandments." It's really as simple as that. We are only paying lip service to the Lord if we externally declare ourselves to be Christians but don't follow through on a life that confirms it. In our modern culture, we often think of love as a feeling or a kind of devotion. It is thus all too common to separate love from appropriate action. Perhaps we reassure ourselves that we love Jesus because we believe that He is the Son of God and our personal Savior. But these thoughts--or even any grateful or pleasant feelings that come along with them-are not the fullest manifestation of real love. Rather, as Jesus tells us directly in today's Gospel, "Whoever has My commandments and observes them is the one who loves Me."


The Fifth Sunday of Easter

05-14-2017Pastor's MessageFr. John Barry

On this weekend, we continue Easter in its Fifth Week. At this point two millennia ago, Jesus would have been visiting people in His Risen state, throughout the Holy Land, mostly in Galilee. The Acts of the Apostles says that hundreds of people saw Him physically as risen from the dead. Most had known Him in the public ministry over the 2½-3 years of which the four gospels tell about. Some witnesses to the Easter Lord Jesus were also related to Him, as I taught a few weeks ago, explaining how Mary of Cleophas was Jesus’ mother sister-in-law. They suddenly realized they were of the Messianic line, something that astounded them, surely. The period of these Resurrected Lord visitations was 40 days, leading to Jesus’ Ascension from one of the mounts where He had taught people. Today (Sunday) is the 29th day of Easter season.


As it is Mother’s Day, what does the Church teach about Mary, as Mother of God?

05-14-2017Catholic Church Q and A

The Church sees Mary as the historical mother for God’s entrance into the world as her child Jesus in the flesh, flesh of her flesh. This person, Jesus, is the Word (God) made flesh (John 1:14). Therefore, if Jesus is God, then Mary is the mother of God. We would say that in an earthly view, that God’s Son came to her to be born in the flesh, even to be a holy embryo, but that the Holy Spirit introduced the Word made flesh into her womb, and it was not by a man. We do not say that Mary existed as the Eternal Son’s mother in Heaven, as God is only Father/Son and Spirit. Yet when Mary received the Lord into her womb, she became the Mother of God, as in receiving the Christ and Lord in her womb for us all—in Him Who would save us all (including Mary).


Reflection on the Fifth Sunday of Easter


The Church takes us through the Acts of the Apostles in Easter season. Mostly every weekday and most weekends, the opening reading, normally given as an Old Testament reading, instead becomes a selection from Acts. Today we hear of the beginning of the diaconate ordained ministry of the Church. We hear in the text about who were the first seven ones: “Stephen, a man filled with faith and the Holy Spirit, also Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicholas of Antioch.” Today’s men of the Permanent Diaconate, such as our own Deacon David Barnes, follows in the continued use of this ministry.

May 11 E-Notes

05-11-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry

Funeral Saturday, May 13. For Nestor Monte, father of Bel Cervantes. 11:00am wake, 1:00pm Mass.

Mother’s Day Weekend. Sunday K of C breakfast at Boswell Hall. 9:00-11:00am. *Mom’s eat free, of course.

2018 Confirmation interviews are in classroom 6 on weekend and weeknights. CWA prayer meeting is Sunday, May 14 from 1:00-3:30pm in the Hall area.

Filipino Monthly (extra) Mass is Sunday, May 14 at 4:30pm. Preceded by rosary and May procession.

Rel. Ed. classes have finished (regular Tues/Wed.).


The Fourth Week of Easter

05-07-2017Pastor's MessageFr. John Barry

This fourth week of Easter finishes the time when we have prepared the First Eucharist class, as they received for the first time on Saturday, and Sunday’s Masses are their 2nd Communion, most likely. It is such a happy occasion for them and us. Many parishes, likewise, have their children’s First Communion Masses in this early part of May. I am glad for these youngsters in their receiving Holy Communion. It is with tanks to St. Pius the Tenth, a pope of a century or more ago, for his opening of the reception of Eucharist to 7-8 year old children and up. Thanks to that allowance, I myself have received Eucharist just about every Sunday of my life as a youth, teen, and young adult, and to my present Sundays.


Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Easter


"Whoever enters through Me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture." Jesus uses the image of a gate today to help us understand how we are to relate to Him. He is our path to "pasture," in other words, to the peace and prosperity that we long for. He shows us the way to find all that we need right there before us.

May 1 E-Notes

05-01-2017E-NotesFr. John Barry
  • Confirmation and First Communion Mass Dates
  • Memorial Mass for Fr. Kehoe
  • May Clergy Schedule
  • and more!