Holy Days of Obligation

10-29-2017Pastor's MessageFr. Scott Holmer

This Wednesday, November 1st, is the feast of All Saints and is a Holy Day of Obligation. We will have the Vigil Mass for the Feast Day at 7:30pm on Tuesday as normal. On the Holy Day itself we will have Mass at 8:45am as normal and then Masses at 4:30pm and 7:30pm. Why is it that we have Holy Days of Obligation anyway?

Every Sunday is a Holy Day of Obligation, a day when we have to go to Mass because we human beings need to worship weekly to become holy and enter heaven. We have other Holy Days of Obligation not on Sundays to emphasize teachings of the Church like Mary's Assumption body and soul into heaven (Aug. 15), the immaculateness of Mary (Dec. 8), how she is the Mother of God (Jan. 1) or to remember the birth of Jesus as we do at Christmas (Dec. 25).


They are Still Watching Over Us

10-22-2017Pastor's MessageFr. Scott Holmer

This past Sunday we had the procession and blessing of our Lady of Fatima statue in honor of Fr. Kemp. It was a blustery cloudy fall day very similar to the one when Our Lady of Fatima performed her Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal one hundred years ago. I was hoping that the sun would break forth and reveal to us a sign from heaven.

Instead, something else happened. As the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was being blessed, a butterfly appeared and started circling around the statue.


On This Mountain

10-15-2017Pastor's MessageFr. Scott Holmer

In the first reading today, Isaiah tells us: "On this mountain, he [God] will destroy the veil that veils all peoples, the web that is woven over all nations; he will destroy death forever." Oftentimes, we hear in our culture that death is a natural part of life. However, if we reflect more deeply, we see that death is actually the opposite of life - not a part of it. If death were natural, it would not cause us to weep or cry. We have hunger because we have a natural desire for food. We have thirst because we have a natural desire for water. And we grieve when someone close to us dies because we have a natural desire to never be separated from those that we love. However, something unnatural happened in our history that caused us to be separated from God and from those we love - original sin. We were created in such a way that we would never die if we remained in communion with God and followed his will. But once we separated ourselves from God, death entered our reality.


Honoring Our Blessed Mother Mary

10-08-2017Pastor's MessageFr. Scott Holmer

Next weekend, we have two events honoring our Blessed Mother Mary. There will be a recitation of the Rosary on Sat, Oct 14 at 12:00pm at the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in honor of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal. Then, on Sun, Oct 15 immediately following the 12:30pm Mass, we will be having a procession to the Our Lady of Fatima Statue behind the Church for a blessing ceremony.

We could not have asked for better weather for our Fun Day last weekend. It really hit me on Fun Day just what a special place St. Edward's really is. Thank you to our Fun Day Committee and to all the volunteers for making it such a wonderful day!


Fun Day, Sunday!

10-01-2017Pastor's MessageFr. Scott Holmer

We are having our St. Edward the Confessor Fun Day from 12:30-4:00pm this Sunday. It is our biggest event of the year. I am looking forward to spending time just relaxing and having fun with all of you!

This October 13th is both the feast day of St. Edward the Confessor and also the 100th Anniversary of our Lady of Fatima's Miracle of the Sun. We will be praying the Rosary on Saturday, October 14th at 12:00pm in honor of that great miracle in front of our new Our Lady of Fatima statue behind the Church. We will also be having a special ceremony blessing the Statue immediately following the 11:30pm Mass on Sunday, October 15th. I hope that many of you will be able to make it.