Happy Easter!

04-16-2017Pastor's MessageFr. John Barry

Happy Easter! I’ll try to write a real solid message here for you. “Why do you seek the living one among the dead?” ((Lk. 24:5). That is the question the angel asks the women at the tomb on Easter morning in St. Luke’s account of the Resurrection. St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the great 12th century Cistercian saint and Doctor of the Church, paraphrased it this way: “Why do you seek the living Word among dead words…?” Let’s let St. Bernard’s version move us. 

The Living One or the dead? What will it be: The Living WORD…or dead words, dead images, dead thoughts and feelings? That is the dramatic convergence of opposing forces that hits us like a tidal wave during these three fateful days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Only a Christian really “gets” it. Sophisticated agnostics turned away in disgust from the graphic depiction of the Good Friday event when Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ was first released; they called it “obscene” because of its “gratuitous violence.” They were unable to grasp the awful drama and unspeakable love of the Son of God emptying himself for us and taking on all the weight of human sin and death so as to destroy it. Secularized former Catholics or other self-defined part-time Christians sometimes accompany their families and friends to Easter morning Masses and smile nostalgically, recalling all the appealing sensations of Catholicism: the Easter hymns and bells, the fragrant lilies and sun-filled stained-glass windows, the coldness of the holy water and the warmth of the Easter candles. That’s all fine, but we hope they actually get much more from this Mass. We hope that they, and us, receive from Easter of the radical, renewing power of Jesus: As the Easter proclamation song shouts forth: “Christus resurrexit! Christus vincit! Christ has risen! Christ has conquered!” Where the first Adam brought us only ruin and corruption, the new Adam, Jesus Christ, has restored us to life! A ll is new! Brothers and sisters, Easter Sunday gives us a real Choice, a new Hope, the WORD of God Risen in the flesh. He alone offers to the world a true and lasting new life. With Him as our Resurrection and Life within us, we live the born-again reality, whereas our souls are alive to God forever, and even in our bodies we partake in the sacred. Easter offers a changed humanity; if but the person will receive His Glory in. The entranceway is via the Cross, to get to the resurrection. Our whole Lent set that approach. Now we are here at the Easter celebration. I hope your heart and soul rejoices in the Victorious Jesus Christ..

Fr. Barry

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