The Fifth Sunday of Easter

05-14-2017Pastor's MessageFr. John Barry

On this weekend, we continue Easter in its Fifth Week. At this point two millennia ago, Jesus would have been visiting people in His Risen state, throughout the Holy Land, mostly in Galilee. The Acts of the Apostles says that hundreds of people saw Him physically as risen from the dead. Most had known Him in the public ministry over the 2½-3 years of which the four gospels tell about. Some witnesses to the Easter Lord Jesus were also related to Him, as I taught a few weeks ago, explaining how Mary of Cleophas was Jesus’ mother sister-in-law. They suddenly realized they were of the Messianic line, something that astounded them, surely. The period of these Resurrected Lord visitations was 40 days, leading to Jesus’ Ascension from one of the mounts where He had taught people. Today (Sunday) is the 29th day of Easter season.

Last weekend we had our pitch from the pulpit on Live Christ Share Christ, and its seminar for the parish on Saturday, June 4th at 9:30 to 3:30 in the church and hall. We would like all interested persons who are coming to preregister for it—so to make preparations well. There is no cost to the seminar and day.

Last weekend we had someone count our latecomers (post Kyrie-Gloria) to two of our Masses, and it was three dozen in one Mass and five dozen in another Mass. Why do so many people come late for Mass? Latecomers to the one Mass missed the sprinkling rite remembrance of baptism and the children’s procession and Mary crowning, and latecomers to the other one missed a great opening song and my introduction to the readings and the theme for the Mass. That’s too bad for the people missing. 9:30 Mass is meant to begin at 9:30 and 11:30 Mass at 11:30. Please get here on time, if this is you who are regularly late. It’s a courtesy to us all and to the Lord. We have an easy parking situation, no steps, many doors to come in, and friendly ushers to assist you. (If you come late, I have instructed the ushers to keep people from walking down main aisles during a Bible reading, so the keep our attention on the Word. Understand that the usher still wishes to be friendly when you’re late, but to follow in a respectful entrance.) I haven’t talked much about this distraction, though I know that Fr. Mallari has at his Masses. It can be hard to concentrate in the Mass with many distractions, and movement going on. By the way, for children, please do not have them getting up for the bathroom during the Eucharistic prayer, if you can.

I did not mean to talk so much on that above point, but it all fits in our fitting approach to gather and be glad in the Lord for Easter liturgies, and be the family of believers to praise Him for His Love for us, and His Rising up, which leads to our own rising up. One glorious moment the Lord Jesus will bid us by name to Himself, and hopefully we’ll say “Ready, Lord!!”

Fr. Barry