The Transfiguration

08-06-2017Pastor's MessageFr. Scott Holmer

This Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord. On a mountain, Jesus was revealed in all his glory. And the voice of his heavenly Father proclaimed: "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased, listen to him." Peter, James and John fell prostrate at Jesus' feet. They were afraid. However, Jesus does not want his friends to be afraid of him. Jesus wants his friends to love Him.

In the future, Jesus is going to ascend another mountain. He will be raised up off the ground. And he will be conversing with a man on his right and on his left. The mountain he will ascend is Calvary. He will be raised up not by his heavenly Father, but by sinful human hands on an instrument of torture - the cross. And he will converse not with great men, but with two thieves on his right and left.

Peter wanted to be with Jesus forever on the mount of the transfiguration. But Peter ran away from the mount of Calvary. Peter admired Jesus. He was amazed by Jesus. However, what Jesus really wanted from Peter was his love.

Jesus could not stay on the mount where he was transfigured. He could be worshiped there but he could not be loved there. To be loved, Jesus had to suffer like us. He had to be raised up on a cross. In his suffering humanity, Jesus becomes lovable. And when Jesus becomes lovable, God becomes lovable. That is why the sign of the cross is the greatest sign of God's love in the world. When we gaze upon the cross, we realize just how much God loves us.

We must always remember that the same Jesus who was glorified in His transfiguration was the same Jesus who is was crucified. If we desire to be true friends of Jesus Christ, we must remain with Him in the good times and the bad. If we want to follow Jesus into His glory, we must also be willing to follow him in times of suffering. It is our friendship, our communion with Jesus, which will lead to our salvation. St. Edward the Confessor - pray for us!