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We are celebrating in Grace and in Faith

04-23-2017Fr. John Barry

Our Easter season continues. We are in its Second Week. We are celebrating in Grace and in Faith.

Could you imagine how the original one was like back in Galilee? You and more than 500 believers would have seen The Risen Lord! You would have been a disciple of His in the pre-Cross ministry times, and now you would have seen the realization of your hope! To have seen the Resurrected Jesus must have been a remarkable experience! To see and touch Him…and to converse with Him…and to be taught more by Him… and to have a meal with Him… and to witness His victorious state! It had to be so startling and so real! Yet, I’d like you to appreciate the New Covenant Easter time you and I are in.


Announcements & Events

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The Mall at the Hall
Apr 29 10:00a - 3:00p

Sponsored by the Ladies of Grace Women’s Auxiliary (Knights of Columbus). Crafters and Vendors are needed for this event!


Baptism Class
Apr 30

Class will take place after the 11:30am Mass in classroom 6.

Workshop for New Lectors
May 6 9:00a - 12:00p

A workshop for new lectors will be offered in Forestville, from 9:00- noon. This workshop will instruct prospective lectors on how to be effective proclaimers of the Word in a liturgical setting, and will explain the Lectionary and the structure of the Catholic biblical tradition.


Workshop for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
May 13 10:00a - 1:00p

A workshop for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) will be offered at Sacred Heart in Bowie, from 10:00am - 1:00pm. This workshop will instruct the faithful on how to serve effectively as an EMHC in the parish setting as well as taking Holy Communion to the sick and shut-ins. It is intended primarily for those who wish to be certified as an EMHC in the Archdiocese of Washington, but it is open to all.


Men's Discernment Dinner
May 14 5:00p - 8:30p

Dinner will be held at Saint John Paul II Seminary. The evening will include Mass, dinner, and a chance to discuss the priesthood with priests, seminarians, and other young men from the DC area. Participants should be single men, college age and up, who are practicing Catholics.

Call Fr. Mark Ivany, Director of Priest Vocations, at 202-636-9020 or email for more information. Online registration is at

Live Christ, Share Christ
Jun 3

There is a parish renewal program which we are trying in 2017. It is called “Live Christ, Share Christ.” Info on it is on the web site under Faith Formation. We are looking for some persons to be trained in a day-long retreat on Sat, Jun 3. The persons who would take this private retreat for the day (here) would be leaders of a parish-wide retreat to be held here in a few months from now, and act ahead as the planners of a retreat follow-up and perhaps even a small-group ministry follow-up. Contact Lito Sayasa of the Parish Council for more info. 

For more informatiom about this program click here.