Are you registered? Need a recommendation letter for Catholic Tuition break? Do you get parish envelopes? Do you get Fr. Barry's E-notes?

Parish News

Are you registered? Forms are by the church door or click here to register on our website. Parish registration is necessary for obtaining Sponsor Certificates for godparents and Confirmation sponsors. Recently we have had some requests for recommendations or Catholic tuition breaks or sponsor letters from the pastor here to send off to another parish or school. One needs to be a registered member to be given a pastor’s letter for something. Fr. Barry needs to be your pastor for a pastoral letter

Do you get parish envelopes? We have lasted over 4 decades on the generosity of parish members, mainly by Sunday parish envelope givers. Please join in.

Do you get Fr. Barry’s Enotes? If you wish to get Fr. Barry’s Enotes, please make sure the office has your correct email address to be added to our database. You may call the office at  301-249-9199 or e-mail