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April 18 E-Notes

04-18-2017Fr. John Barry

A reminder about our parish social. It is coming up this Saturday evening at 6:30pm over at the K of C Boswell Hall on Rt. 3 north, 1 mile north of Rt. 50. We need all guests to RSVP, as we have to order the food. It is $5 for those over 12 years old, and $20 max for a family. It is simply a time out for a little socializing between member of the parish and friends. At this Easter Monday count, the number was a bit low, as our promo of the event in the past two weeks had to give way to the big Palm Sunday and Holy Week and Easter Sunday celebrations. Yet we have told about this event from months ago, even giving out a magnet reminder, as we’d like to have the social be a success.

If you wanted to go, then give the office a call at 301-249-9199.


Latest Pastor Message

We are celebrating in Grace and in Faith

04-23-2017Fr. John Barry

Our Easter season continues. We are in its Second Week. We are celebrating in Grace and in Faith.

Could you imagine how the original one was like back in Galilee? You and more than 500 believers would have seen The Risen Lord! You would have been a disciple of His in the pre-Cross ministry times, and now you would have seen the realization of your hope! To have seen the Resurrected Jesus must have been a remarkable experience! To see and touch Him…and to converse with Him…and to be taught more by Him… and to have a meal with Him… and to witness His victorious state! It had to be so startling and so real! Yet, I’d like you to appreciate the New Covenant Easter time you and I are in.