Volunteer for CCD

Classes are taught by volunteer Catechists. Catechists do not have to be professional teachers; the most important qualification is a desire to share your Catholic faith with the children of our parish. The text books come with teacher manuals. If you are interested in teaching, please contact Maureen Curtis for detailed information.

There is always a need for substitute teachers to be available when a Catechist can’t be at class. Sometimes the need is known a few weeks in advance but at others it is a last minute notice. Please contact Maureen Curtis if you would like to be on the Substitute list.

There is a volunteer opportunity for those who can’t make a weekly commitment but still want to be a part of the faith journey of the children of our parish. During the year we have several retreats for the students and their families who are preparing to receive Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. If there is anyone who would like to help plan and lead these retreat, please contact Maureen Curtis for detail information.

At the end of each session the students wait outside for their ride. It would be wonderful to have parents volunteer to be “Parking Lot Monitors” who would wait with the children to make sure that they are safe. We always try to ensure that there are at least 2 adults waiting and many times the 2nd adult is a volunteer teacher; it would be great to let the teacher clean up their classroom, talk to parents and students or get home to their families without worrying about the pick up activities.

All volunteers must have a background check completed through the Archdiocese before they can work with children.