Social Responsibility

Gabriel Project

Duties: Assist women in crisis pregnancies through various types of support - prayer, transportation, meals, clothing and baby products; opportunity to provide “shepherding home,” loving and stable environment and befriend a woman in need
Time: Varies according to assignment and need; periodic orientation sessions; written materials also available; biannual state-wide training
Special Skills: Ability to show unconditional love, set boundaries; parenting skills welcome (not necessary); good listening skills helpful; willingness to show respect for life by combining special power of prayer with commitment to service
Coordinator: Bernadette Murphy 301-249-9199

Shelter Meal Programs

Duties: Shop, prepare and deliver meals for men’s shelter residents and volunteers
Time: Shopping +2 Hours
Special Skills: Anyone willing to prepare and deliver a meal
Coordinator: Beth Eloshway 301-249-9199

Social Concerns Committee

Duties: Work with committees to coordinate direct service projects at St. Edward’s including Warm Nights Week, the Thanksgiving Basket project, The Christmas Giving Tree, School Supplies and SUDS (Socks, Underwear, Deodorant, and Soap) collections, Lenten Soup Supper and Stations, Food drives.
Special Skills: Willingness to work with others in direct service to persons needing help
Coordinator: Call the Rectory office at 301-249-9199