Stewardship Ministries

Parish Finance Committee

An appointed group of members who voluntarily meet quarterly to review the parish finances and to plan budgets with the pastor, and to discuss the ways the parish is glorifying God in her financial life.  They give a report twice a year to the parish council. They assist in the written report given to the parish bulletin (insert once a year). They advice on investments for parish income. 

Cardinal’s Appeal Committee

Each year the Cardinal’s/Archbishop’s Appeal collects money for charitable needs of the Archdiocese of Washington. The collection is done close to the start of Lent.   A team is asked to assist the pastor in preparing for the collection and publicizing it.  They also may help in parish communications in encouraging giving to the Appeal, or in recruiting guest speakers from agencies or recipients of the Appeal to speak to the parish for inspiring their participation.  One may volunteer any year for assisting the pastor in this endeavor—call at the start of the year.

Building and Grounds Committee

The advice and support the pastor and the parish maintenance man in areas of maintaining and improving the buildings and grounds of St. Edward’s. They get involved with inspections and plans, long-term plans for buildings or grounds (new or existing), and in helping the parish get good referrals for work done requiring home improvement, church roofing or parking lot care, ac/heating, doors and gutters, sidewalks, snow removal, and an assortment of other areas.  They meet several times a year on a weeknight (usually a Tuesday after evening Mass).

The parish building programs are supervised by this group, while working with the Finance Council and Pastor on feasibility and general parish participation levels.

Special Attention Team:  Some parishioners volunteer time on the grounds for the care of flowers and trees and landscape needs.  While the parish has some paid services for the buildings and grounds, there is need for some t.l.c. from members of the church who want to “keep the place up nice.”

You can join these teams by contacting the pastor.

Administrative Support

There are times in the year that help could be used for parish mailings or distribution of materials at church or for bulletin stuffing.  These projects come up time to time.  It would be nice to have a pool of helpers.

Some have assisted with computer work.  Some have run an errand for the parish staff (deliveries).