Like all parishes, ours needs to promote vocations of service to the Church, particularly in helping persons study for the priesthood, diaconate and religious life (men and women).

To learn of the local Sister Servants and their Novitiate in our parish, watch their promo video below.

Sister Servants of the Lord and Virgin of Matarra

The Novitiate of Religious who live in our parish area are the "Sister Servants." This You Tube video helps you to know who they are. The first step in becoming a religious woman with them is to join the Novitiate. Theirs is located near Leland Rd. and Rt. 301, on the southern edge of St. Edward's parish.

Future Priesthood News

We currently have two men (of parish families) studying for the priesthood. One is Jason Mantich, studying for the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ through the Neo-Catechumenate Way (via the Arch. of Wash. D.C. and Newark program). The other is Bonaventure Gbaba, studying for the Diocese of Fort Wayne, IN.

Pray for them, and for more priestly vocations, especially to our own Archdiocese.

Permanent Diaconate

The Permanent Diaconate program of the Archdiocese of Washington is receiving applicants. Go to adw.org to contact the Diaconate office.

Paulist Sisters

The Paulist Sisters of Alexandria, Va. have visited our parish and school recently. Google them to see more about them and their Catholic book store and programs.